Open to all! Festival of Creative Learning events open to external audiences


Open Access by Gideon Burton, under a Creative Commons license  

Whilst the Festival of Creative Learning is predominantly for staff and students at the University of Edinburgh (UoE), we are pleased to share that a number of Event Organisers are listing their events on Eventbrite to open them to the wider Edinburgh community. Below are a few events that are explicitly open to the public and available for booking, but for anyone who is not a member of staff or student at the UoE but interested in any other events in the calendar please contact the Event Organiser directly to enquire about attending.

Manifest Destiny: An Interdisciplinary Forum on Mars Colonization Elon Musk’s SpaceX and similar companies are planning to make space travel more accessible than ever before, but these dreams do not come without their challenges. Join a panel of experts to discuss some of the issues.

Learning Language Through Theatre – These workshops led by Theatre Sans Accents in conjunction with Bilingualism Matters, use fun drama games and exercises to enable participants to improve their linguistic skills and gain confidence using French or English beyond the classroom.

Making History: a Feminist Craft Project – Historically, and in the present day, women’s achievements and contributions to society have been erased from history – let us change that! Join us at the Lothian Health Services Archive to explore our materials on women’s history, and make our own history through a crafty zine-making session.

Tech Art Collaboration Workshop – If you are a scientist or an engineer, this may change how you think about and communicate your work to the public, and give you new tools for doing so. If you are an artist of any stripe, this may give you a new perspective on your work and new vistas to explore. The project is open to all backgrounds, and all views are welcome in this joint discussion of aesthetics and innovation.

Please note that for some of these events you will be asked to purchase a ticket. Check the event listing for more details.


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