Learn and Teach with Lynda.com


We’re Andy Todd and Andrew Kirk and we’re IT Trainers from the Digital Skills and Training team, Information Services. We design, develop and deliver IT and digital skills training events and materials for staff and students across the University. Our team also runs the University’s Lynda.com service, which provides staff and students 24/7 access to a free library of 250,000+ HD videos tutorials in IT, digital, business and creative skills – delivered by industry experts.

Having previously attended (and enjoyed) Festival of Creative Learning events ourselves, we were inspired to develop and run our own event for this fantastic festival.

Our two, two hour events, ‘Learning and Teaching with Lynda.com’ introduced attendees to the Lynda.com service, showing them how easily the service could be used to learn new skills, or embed Lynda.com content into teaching. We taught attendees how to search for, view and share content, curate and share their own view/course playlists, link certificates to LinkedIn profiles, and download content for offline viewing.

We loved delivering these sessions and found it to be a great way for us to speak to staff and students to find out which digital skills they were passionate about learning or improving, and how they intended to do so before learning about Lynda.com.  It was particularly satisfying for us to hear how positively attendees spoke about the Lynda.com service after we had demonstrated and they had used it, and how important and valuable they believed it to be as a free resource for our staff and students.

Overall, the event feedback received was really positive, with several attendees stating an improved confidence using the Lynda.com service as a result of attending our event, with all attendees stating that they would recommend it to others.

Given how much we enjoyed running events this year, we’ll definitely be applying to run some more next year – so keep an eye out for us in the event list.

If you happened to miss this event don’t worry, we enjoyed it so much we’ve decided to make it a permanent offering. Find current/future dates, and booking links for the ‘Learn and Teach with Lynda.com’ course on our webpage at: https://edin.ac/2JdwJgr

To find out more about the Digital Skills and Training team, please visit www.ed.ac.uk/is/skills. For more information on our Lynda.com service including how to get signed up, please visit www.ed.ac.uk/is/lynda.


Andy Todd and Andrew Kirk

Digital Skills and Training

Information Services Group