iGEM Sandpit: Come and solve the world’s problems with science!

The iGEM Sandpit: Come and solve the world’s problems with science… 2019 Festival of Creative Learning

by Dr Heather Barker

Well what can I say, it was a success!  This year we had an amazing 60 students on day one which followed through the week to 34 applications to represent The University in the iGEM competition over the summer!  The highest we have had. Every year we aim to engage the students not only in science but the impact of this on the world and the impact that as a team they could have.  As always the students were enthusiastic and engaged making holding the event enjoyable and a resounding success.  We have come away from this week of solving the world’s problems with science with exciting and interesting new ideas that can go forward to form the basis of this year’s project.  Although we are unable to have every student on the team, feedback through the week showed that the students enjoyed the experience and the interaction with science in a fun, informative and relaxed environment.  Thank you to all the students that participated.  Without their enthusiasm and engagement the Sandpit would not have been the fun and exciting experience it was.

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