Festival of Creative Learning – Throwback: Student run events

The Festival of Creative Learning exists to provide staff and students within the University of Edinburgh funding and support to run events which explore new ways of learning. Looking back through previous events which have run, it is exciting to see so many events which encourage people to try new things, get out of their comfort zones and challenge the way they learn and see the world.

In this post, we are throwing back to some wonderful events organised and run by our students.

Cooking with science: 50 shades of textures

“What a week it was! Raising eyebrows by running around campus with hand blenders and random kitchen stuff. I think I made almost 10kg of ice cream in total…”

– Konstaninos Bantounos

In this blog post, PhD student Konstaninos details his event where he combined science with cooking to teach participants about food textures and explored how science can be used in the kitchen.

You can read the full blog post at the link below:

Cooking with Science (2019)

Reading the Newspaper like a Mathematician

This event run by Imogen Morris, a PGR student in the School of Informatics, taught participants to read the newspaper like a mathematician by evaluating the validity of arguments, understanding statistics and spotting fallacies.

If you would like to find out more, you can read the full blog post below:

Reading the Newspaper like a Mathematician

LLC Blethers: An evening of Academic Storytelling

LLC Blethers is a showcase event for research within the Graduate School of Literatures Languages and Cultures. In 2019 this event took place at The Counting House, which provided an informal venue to encourage staff and students to network outwith the University.

You can read the full post, and find out more about the variety of discussions and presentations at the link below:

LLC Blethers (2019)


Do you have an idea for a workshop or event which explores creative learning and innovation at the University of Edinburgh? Then consider applying to run a Festival of Creative Learning Pop-up event to make your idea a reality.

Staff and students are invited to apply to run a Festival Pop-up event at any time throughout the academic year. To find out more and to apply for funding, please click the link below:

Apply to run a FCL Pop-up event.

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