LLC Blethers 2020 – An Evening of Academic Storytelling

By Elisa Teneggi

And so, we made it (again). LLC Blethers 2020 happened on February 20th, upholding the time-honoured tradition started a long time ago, in a land far far away, by a group of reckless PhDs who had the revolutionary idea of bringing together university-related students outside class and working hours. That magical fairy land was called School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at the University of Edinburgh. And its members greeted that intention voraciously.

Thus, Blethers – An Evening of Academic Storytelling, was born.

Blethers revolves around a PechaKucha competition, in which presenters from the LLC community discuss topics which are related to their area of interest – or that are just a lavish praise on their pets’ adorableness. A judging panel of academic staff members is then asked to deliver a verdict and pick the most inspiring presentation – the most cheered at, the most academic one, or maybe just something very odd and funny we never thought about.

Blethers is all about creativity, interactive learning, and community-building; that’s why the party goes on to a pub quiz, which has been carefully written by one of the members of our organizing team. Throughout the night there are prizes to be won, nibbles to munch on, and a batch of free drinks to be enjoyed by lucky early bird attendees.

Whereas drinks, venue, and catering have been paid for with the help of FCL – Festival of Creative Learning, all the prizes have been proudly sponsored by local business and US-based Barton Studio.

Blethers has been growing steadily during the years, and we’re excited to announce that we’re considering applying for bigger grants for next year’s event.

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