dsc_4828This is our very first post on our new blog and part 3 of our series of blogposts documenting the process of evolving Innovative Learning Week (ILW) into a Festival of Creative Learning (FCL) – see the other posts here.

Me and Snook had our initial report discussion meet-up on the 22nd of August, where they had collected the recurring themes and concerns from the interviews with the ILW 2016 organisers and our design workshop with people interested in the festival. We continued to ask ourselves ‘How might the Festival…?’ questions related to the emerging themes and then scribbled down potential solutions to these.

These were the themes that emerged:
– more student involvement in the organisation, not just the events to make it a truly co-produced festival

– more curation

– continue working on streamlining the organisational and logistical aspects

– continue working on the website

– clarify the communication around the value of the Festival to students and staff

– communicate more clearly how the Festival aligns with the University’s strategy

– explore how the innovations developed during the festival can shape the curriculum and vice-versa

– explore the questions of specialist events vs cross-discipline

– explore the balance between fun and learning

– explore the links with the world outside of the University

– develop specific strategies to reach students who don’t traditionally engage to make a more inclusive Festival

– explore incentives and recognition

– increase visibility and storytelling

– build a strong network of innovators who can have an impact throughout the University

– push the best events throughout the year

– the year-long festival should not jeopardise the previous success of ILW

– how do we not overwhelm the organisers (IAD team & support staff, school coordinators)


We have been in discussion with Snook about where we want to focus our attention in exploring these themes and what they might mean and how it might look like for the Festival of Creative Learning in 2016/17 and beyond.

It is important that in evolving ILW into Festival of Creative Learning (FCL) that we actually do make new features available, but making sure that they are manageable for our team. We also don’t want to loose the momentum of ILW 2016, hence we want to continue with building upon the support structure we created last year for ILW.

The blueprint session emphasised that in order to avoid jeopardising the success of the February festival, the different notions of new ways of supporting innovation and creative learning would take place after Feb 2017 for the year 2016-17, and the festival could scale up such initiatives the following year.

See how you can get involved with being an event organiser in the February week on our new festival website. There you can  also read more about how you can get support from us if you’re running an event outside the February week.

Read more about the strategy for the Festival 2016/17 in our stratgey blogpost.

If you want to read about how our collaboration with Snook started, see the blogpost about us revamping ILW last year here and the decisions that came out of it here.

Also see our blogposts about last year’s blueprinting session and design workshop.

The impact report from ILW 2016 and more information about what Snook helped us build can be found here.

If you have any questions about The Festival of Creative Learning and how you can get involved, please email creative.learning@ed.ac.uk.